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Over the last ten years I have been working alongside my colleague and friend Lisa Petersen, developing an advanced Yoga teacher training programme in Dublin. This is immensely satisfying and heartening work and one of my favourite ways of interacting with students.

“This training traces the evolution of human movement and directly maps it onto the practice of Yoga. It is artful, scientific, poetic, authentic, embodied, and practical in nature.” Lisa Petersen

This course is unique: twelve modules over one and a half years, open to graduates, teachers and dedicated students of Yoga. Each module has a unique emphasis and theme and is designed so it can be taken individually. For deeper, more integrated learning, we strongly advise you to consider several or all modules.

This training is about relationship and how the parts of us co-operate to create a unified whole. In this philosophy, developing along the yogic path is not a linear process, but a series of overlapping waves, each wave planting a seed enabling the next wave to take root and flourish.

For more information on this training, visit Lisa’s website here.

This was the first Teacher Training that enriched my life as much off the mat as on it. It helped me to embody the theoretical knowledge that I’ve been gathering for 15 years as a student and a teacher. My practice and teaching took on a new direction and a new depth. My students have journeyed with me as enthusiastically and passionately as myself, ever curious about the fruits of the training. This work is like a very quiet but powerful revolution.

Tanya Gillen

Yoga Teacher

The training was infinitely beyond my expectations in every respect. This is quite simply food for the soul, cleverly disguised as a training course. So thank you to all of you for making this one of the most enjoyable, enlightening and nourishing experiences of my life! Through this wonderful experience, I really feel that in some fundamental way, I have finally ‘come home’ to myself.

Aine Fortune

Yoga Teacher


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