individual sessions

This is an opportunity to work together to help you develop a practice that feels relevant, supportive and tailored to your personal needs.

Perhaps you have always wanted to develop your personal movement practice, but lack confidence or don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you are working with an injury or some limitation in your body, or perhaps you are ready to take a deeper dive into a particular theme.

I enjoy this personalised way of working and have witnessed the growth that this enables. I want to help you to build a satisfying and nourishing relationship with your body.

The cost for a one-to-one session is £50 per hour.


I teach regular classes and courses online and at Yoga Rooms and Bodywise in Manchester.


If you’d prefer a more individual experience, you can book a one-to-one session with me.

my story

You can read more about my approach and my story so far here.


Christine’s rich teaching arises from her dedication to practice, her deep knowledge of, and continuing fascination with, the workings of the human body, and her innate wisdom and compassion. This, combined with the lightness of her touch, helps her students to develop clarity and insight into their own practice. 

Anne Palmer


I started to attend Christine’s class for a few months before lockdown and was intrigued at the gentle subtlety of her teaching style. I started one-to-one lessons once Lockdown was over. I have had quite a challenging time with neuropathic pain and had pretty much given up on finding any meaningful solution. However, after only a few months the pain and discomfort has reduced considerably, as have one or two other related issues. I feel really grateful to Christine for bringing about this change. She is a wonderful teacher.

Bill Gleave


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