Typically a class begins with gentle floor-based release work to connect to the breath and mobilising all the major joints in preparation for exploring  a number of postures. Some classes are more floor based and others more dynamic, but we pretty much always start close to the ground.

There is a lot of repetition which builds understanding so that gradually more complex elements can be added to the practice.

Postures are broken down and built back up again, in order to understand the key skills that help to create smooth integrated movement.

Students develop strength, stability and flexibility and learn the key principles that support clear alignment in the body, which in turn creates the potential for a vibrant, grounded and energised state of being.


Listed below is my regular class timetable.

Please note that some class charges will increase from Tuesday 31 October as detailed below

Tuesday 8:45-10am – Yoga Rooms
Yoga Somatics Fusion
A nourishing movement practice
In-person only

Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm – Online only

Wednesday 6pm-7.30pm – Bodywise – (invitation only)
In-person and live streaming

Thursday – 8.45am -10.00am – Yoga Rooms
In-person and live streaming

Thursday – 10.15am-11.15am – Yoga Rooms
In-person only

How to book 

To book sessions contact Christine directly via email, or by using the contact form here


As well as weekly classes, I also run workshops and one-off events which you can find out about here.


I teach regular classes and courses online and at Yoga Rooms and Bodywise in Manchester.


If you’d prefer a more individual experience, you can book a one-to-one session with me.

my story

You can read more about my approach and my story so far here.


Christine embodies a wonderful combination of tenderness, strength and beauty in movement. As a teacher, she generously shares the deep insight and understanding which she has developed through her dedication to yoga and shiatsu. I, and many other students, have flourished through her boundless attention, creativity and kindness. 

Gaby Porter


I started to attend Christine’s class for a few months before lockdown and was intrigued at the gentle subtlety of her teaching style. I started one-to-one lessons once Lockdown was over. I have had quite a challenging time with neuropathic pain and had pretty much given up on finding any meaningful solution. However, after only a few months the pain and discomfort has reduced considerably, as have one or two other related issues. I feel really grateful to Christine for bringing about this change. She is a wonderful teacher.

Bill Gleave


Contact me


07958 782043