As a versatile and simple practice Yoga always has something to offer.  

My passion as a teacher is to make movement relevant to everyday life and to help you to access simple tools you can use to find a sense of ease and freedom in your body.

I believe the fruits of this practice are accessible to everyone.

Yoga is a creative process that invites us to wake up and attend to our experience and meet ourselves as we are with kindness.

 It’s an invitation to be interested and responsive to our experience on the mat and of course in our lives. 

 About Somatics

In the words of Thomas Hanna:
“If you can sense it and feel it you can change it.”

Hanna Somatics is an accessible and profoundly effective way of releasing deeply held tension in the muscle body.

The movements in this system, developed by Thomas Hanna are simple and enjoyable and the effects can be felt immediately. This is the practice that I turned to more than any other when I needed to put myself back together again after a cycle accident many years ago. When you can only move a little, you learn the power of small precise movements.

I now integrate the practice of Somatics within my Yoga teaching as they complement each other so well.

When one pulls on a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.
John Muir


I teach regular classes and courses online and at Yoga Rooms and Bodywise in Manchester.


If you’d prefer a more individual experience, you can book a one-to-one session with me.

my story

You can read more about my approach and my story so far here.


Christine’s rich teaching arises from her dedication to practice, her deep knowledge of, and continuing fascination with, the workings of the human body, and her innate wisdom and compassion. This, combined with the lightness of her touch, helps her students to develop clarity and insight into their own practice. 

Anne Palmer


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